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Detroit Tour Connections is owned and operated by Bob Goldsmith

Bob was born in Detroit, grew up in a suburb of Detroit, and then went to college and law school at University of Michigan.

Bob started giving tours of Detroit in 2001.
Bob volunteered to be a tour guide in 2001 for a local non-profit preservation group, and gave lots of tours for them 2001-2007.

He changed his life by moving from the suburbs to the heart of downtown.
He moved his law practice to downtown Detroit in 2002, and moved into a cool apartment near the Fox Theater in 2003.

He started Detroit Tour Connections, Inc. in 2004 as a seasonal and part-time business.
Bob is not only the owner -- he's also the office staff, advertising staff, tour creator, tour researcher, and the main tour guide.

Bob is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tour guides in Detroit.
He has written several articles about Detroit, and he's been on TV and the internet regarding tours of Detroit.
Bob can be an enthusiastic speaker about Detroit -- in terms of its history, its architecture, or its merits as a place to live.

Detroit Tour Connections has many satisfied customers.
Our list of satisfied customers includes school groups, church groups, corporate groups, and visitors from many states,
and visitors from England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Peru, India, Japan and other nations.

And Detroit Urban Adventures has many satisfied customers too.
Check out the enthusiastic reviews on TripAdvisor for Detroit Urban Adventures -- one of the top activities in Detroit.

From Jeanne at the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture
We received many positive comments from our South Carolina guests.
They were duly impressed by the changes and recent growth in Detroit, coupled
with the beautiful architecture and history of the area.

From Margaret at Wayne State University
Thanks very much for the tour you gave to our students. ... They enjoyed it and
are saying they learned a lot.  You did a great job!

From Kelli of metro Detroit
I would like to say thank you on behalf of our entire family!   We had a great time!
... The tour that you gave was entertaining, educational, informational and amazing!

From Muriel
What a day.  With great pace and aplomb you took us through the heart of Detroit
while sharing your knowledge and attachment to this vibrant city.  We thank you for
your time and infectious passion for the "Motor City."  We will spread the word.

From Janice
Earl and I certainly enjoyed our time with you both on the walking tour and driving tour.
We could tell you are passionate about downtown Detroit.  That enthusiasm helped make
our trip more enjoyable.  We've shared with everyone how much we enjoyed checking out
some of Detroit.  Thanks.

From Bob of Destination Michigan
We really enjoyed the tour.  Even one of our more "hard to please" employees
commented that while she thought we were crazy to do that tour, she really enjoyed it
after experiencing it.  Many people said they thought it was great.

Detroit Tour Connections
Phone / cell phone: (313) 283-4332
Mail: 615 Griswold Street #1625, Detroit, MI 48226,

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